Welcome to minimalist Calistus Mykonos

With breathtaking sea views from all its sunkissed rooms & suites, this brand-new oasis of privacy and sophistication is located over the New Port of Mykonos, right next to the bustling Chora.

Enjoy a fascinating accommodation experience in the heart of Mykonos.

Strategically perched on a hill overlooking the New Port of Mykonos and nestled next to the cosmopolitan Chora (1.6 km, 19 minutes on foot, 3 minutes by car or 8 minutes by Sea Bus), the brand-new Calistus Mykonos sets the benchmark for refined luxury, minimalism, and elegance.

Each of its tastefully adorned double rooms and suites boasts breathtaking unobstructed views of the infinite blue of the Aegean, living up to its name, which means "pure & beautiful" (from castus, meaning pure, and kallos). Furthermore, the majority of these accommodations feature an inviting outdoor hot tub on their private balcony, creating the perfect atmosphere to appreciate the spectacular sunset.

Calistus Mykonos perfectly blends the uncluttered lines of traditional Cycladic architecture with earthy colors, handcrafted wooden furniture, and modern amenities. Its facilities include a central outdoor pool with comfortable sun loungers, in-room wellness treatments, and VIP concierge services. This pioneering approach to contemporary Aegean luxury, grounded in quality and authenticity, is a natural progression of our family's 70-year hospitality legacy.

Whether you're a couple seeking peace and tranquility or a large group looking for the ideal base to experience the all-day and all-night Mykonos party scene in comfort and luxury, Calistus Mykonos is an exceptional choice.